Nerang Men's Shed is a dedicated, friendly and welcoming meeting place where men can come together.


Signs are our specialty

We make boxes

Community Lapidary and Silversmithing Club Inc had a problem

Community Lapidary and Silversmithing Club Inc had a problem. To teach the craft they needed tables to work from. Not just any tables but ones designed for the job. Could they get them in Australia, it appeared not. Could they buy them from overseas, of course they could but who could afford that? This is where the Nerang Men’s Shed steps in. After consultation and material modification, we had all eight of them up and ready to transport to Community Lapidary and Silversmithing Club. The shed made a little money the Community Lapidary and Silversmithing Club saved a lot of money, and we all got a blast to see them trailered out of the place down to Mudgeeraba.

A very successful project it made everyone happy

What we have done since Christmas

What have the Nerang Men͛s Shed been up to since Christmas? Here are some of the highlights. In February this year we initiated a programme of support for the people of Tonga following the Tsunami which decimated this small Pacific nation. We, of course, were distressed by the happening, however it took our shed president to come up with a real plan to help the people of Tonga hence the project ͞tools for Tonga was born. The committee divided the tasks, contact the media, contact other sheds and to bring onboard local businesses. The objective: to collect unwanted hand and power tools, fishing gear, toys, cooking utensils and medical equipment with the intent of forwarding them to the island of Tonga so the people could help themselves to rebuild their community. Beyond all expectations, we received overwhelming support from local radio stations with advertising and interviews, Kennards for transport, neighbouring Men Shed groups and many others. The project was so successful that we filled a 40ft and a 20ft container. A major contributor, without which the whole project would have floundered, was Mt. Gravatt bus service. Without the amazing help and money of Del Cole the owner to provide the containers and the shipping to Tonga none of this would have happened. The target date was one month. However, due to so many donations and the coming of the Lismore floods, we were later able to assist the Mens Shed down there who lost everything. Yet another project that our president came up with, which proved to be a great success. Due to the cold weather, we send out an email asking for donations of blankets for the homeless which we delivered to the Angels Kitchen at Southport. Who would have guessed how many spare blankets people have and how generous they are with them. This past month we have had the satisfaction of helping our neighbours ͞the Shela shack, in their shack expansion (around 30m2 of new space). Days of hard work included wall removal, lighting, panelling, & the acquisition of new shelves and fans. The finishing touches of painting and flooring is on schedule. Special thanks to Stewart, Nobel, Reg and Brian for their expertise. These projects were memorable in so many ways. Our Shed had the opportunity to liaise with key community partners and emphasise the significance of what can be achieved from a small thought to an unprecedented success, involving so many. On behalf of our Committee, I thank all our members and all those outside of our Club for their contributions support, encouragement and participation. Finally, we send our best wishes to our much-valued member Ron Sander who is in hospital and will be for a bit yet. Also, thanks go to our group of members who ran a working bee at his home last Friday to ensure his home does not disappear under the grass and weeds.

It's a place where men can share their skills and knowledge with others, learn new skills or redevelop old skills. Good health is based on many factors including feeling good about yourself, being productive and valuable to your community, connecting to friends and maintaining an active body and an active mind. Becoming a member of the Nerang Men’s Shed provides a safe and busy environment where you can find many of these things. Also, importantly, there's no pressure. Men can just come and have a chat and a cuppa if that's all they’re looking for.

Our objectives are to.....
(i) Socialise in the company of like-minded men.
(ii) Pursue hobbies, pastimes and interests.
(iii) Learn new skills, practice and pass on your skills.
(iv) Promote your own, and other men’s, health and well-being.
(v) By their efforts, benefit The Shed and their community.

We do specilised comecial work


Email:           nerangmensshed@gmail.com

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Membership is  open to all men aged 18+

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We have some top equipment. This is for making Dovetail joints

Where are we?

Turn into Country Paradise Parklands, over the causeway, turn left and you will see us on your right.

231 Beaudesert-Nerang Road, Nerang, Qld 4211

Opening Hours:
Monday: 7.30am - 12.00pm 
Tuesday : Closed 
Wednesday: 7.30am - 12.00pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 7.30am - 12.00pm
Saturday: 7.30am - 12.00pm
Sunday: Closed


MORNING TEA (a must every day)



We have a large woodwork shed that includes many of the machines found in today’s modern workshops.

It is a workshop safety rule that there must be two people at least present when any power tools are in use.

There is a large stockroom of small hand held tools, along with an assortment of screws and nails for your use.

Table saw
Spindle bobbin sander
Table router (spindle moulder)
hand held plunge routers x 2
Composite drop saw x 2
Wood lathe x 2
hicknesser/Planer/Joiner (Small) 
Thicknesser (Large) 
Bandsaw x 3


our band saw can cut planks with almost no waste

handmade custom pens made from exotic woods

chopping board & Cross

wood turning

3D timber chopping board


Our new Makita drop saw due mostly due to the generosity of Bunnings


Not only do we have a woodwork shop, but we also have a small metal workshop as well.

There are qualified trades people to assist you with the correct, safe usage of the machinery. They will also assist you with your special project if help is required.

Naturally, we need to be with you initially to make sure that you can handle the equipment and that you are safe.

In that regard, there must be two people in the shed at any time machinery or welding equipment is being used.

These are some of the machines available:

 Metal Lathe with a full range of accessories

 Milling machine and vertical drill

 Bench drills, Bench grinders & Hand Held Angle Grinders

 MIG, TIG, ARC, & Oxy Acetylene Welders,

 Plasma Cutter

 Air Compressors


METAL LATHE with a range of accessories

Birds eye view of Country Paradise Parklands Nerang