Project for Mudgeeraba Showgrounds

The committee could not get a raffle barrel to suit their needs so they came to us. It was a challenge, but I think we met it and Mudgeeraba Showgrounds were more than please with the results

Memorial bench

The shed was commissioned to build a park bench. As you can see it is somewhat unusual but that was because the person the bench memorialised was a Lego lover. So, the criteria for the bench was that it spoke of Lego

Other work we have done to keep horses in

and they open too

should you throw this away

Never it can be repaired and sold on

Trophy’s for Clubs

The Ladies’ soccer club at Mudgeeraba was one of the clubs we made trophies for Also we have done small paddles for the Dragon Boat racers

Chess sets are popular

Chess sets are a popular number. We made two sets for a suicide prevention drop-in centre, since then we have made about 6 other sets some finished some still in production.