Nerang Men's Shed is a dedicated, friendly and welcoming meeting place where men can come together.


Signs are our specialty

Signs are our specialty

We make boxes

We make boxes

Farewell Gift

Looking for the perfect farewell gift for a group member? Look no further than Nerang Men's Shed! Our team creates custom, high-quality items that will surely leave a lasting impression. Consider a beautifully crafted bowl turned on the shed lathe with a label cut using the shed laser on gold stock. Say goodbye with a unique and thoughtful gift from Nerang Men's Shed.

Laser signage for Griffith University 

About two to three months ago, the Shed was approached by Griffith University, to make

some wooden plaques for presentation to members of the faculty and staff for both 25 and

35 years of service to the university.

We were to use some eucalyptus logs they had harvested from their own forest. It turned

out that these logs had been cut from trees felled a long time ago and were now as hard as

stone. Nothing we had in the Shed would cut them and in fact, it blunted our blades after

only a few centimeters. The logs would also not fit into our big-bladed band saw.

The Uni decided to cut them up with a chainsaw, which they did – into planks. Luckily the

planks fitted into our drop saws and Jonathan Clough made short work of them. However,

we had run out of time, and with their agreement, we made 23 fake wooden certificates,

with our own scrap timber, without names for a “dummy” presentation. These were to be

collected later and everyone was to get the proper plaque, on their wood, with their name

on it.

The final presentation was to be for the whole lot (34 of them) on Tuesday the 14th

November 2023. Everything was going fine, until, with only 4 to go, a spelling mistake was

noticed. Again, Jonathan got to work on them and cleaned off all the laser engraving and we started again.

Finally, on Saturday 11th November, all plaques were finished, engraved, waxed and polished, and picked up on Monday 13th November 10 am by the University, ready for the presentation

Men's Shed 30 Year Celebration

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On the 6th of September a function was held at the Labrador Men's Shed to celebrate 30 years since the founding of Men's Sheds. Representatives of local Sheds in the area were invited to attend and display samples of work done by their members. The Nerang Shed had
several members attend and display pieces of woodwork. We thank Steve Bezanson for co-ordinating the representation by our Shed members and the Shed members who attended and displayed their work. 

At the event, which was attended by the instigator of Men's Shed in South Australia 30 years ago, it was announced by the Mayor, Tom Tate, that the Labrador Men's Shed was to be moved to a new, larger site.

Curtesy of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund

Well it took a while but the Community Benefit Fund come through with bells on.  Look at our beautiful new Triton Ute.

The men’s shed offers a huge thanks to the gamblers of the great state of Queensland and the government who thought we were worthy of a new vehicle.  Less than 24 hours from delivery it is out helping the community, which is what we do best. 

Hon. Scott Buchholz visit to the Men's Shed

We were delighted to have a special visit from Scott Buchholz at Nerang Men's Shed. As a public support organization, we take pride in our mission to provide a safe and inclusive space for men to gather, share skills, and support one another. Mr. Buchholz's presence was a true honor and symbolized the ongoing support for our cause. We also express our gratitude for his generous donation to our organization, as well as the Australian flag he contributed, which will proudly fly in our shed.

TSS Preparatory School’s Generosity

The shed received an unexpected call from The Southport School. The TSS preparatory school held a mud challenge for charity, and we were one of the lucky recipients thanks to a gentleman by the name of Mick Spittle from Raw Challenge, who recomended us.

  The school very generously gave us $4600.00 to put towards whatever we needed.  The money, as it does these days, went straight to the bank however we went to TSS to express our thank hence the picture of the event, left to right Leanne Zauner (teacher), Peter Seymour-Smith, Jonathan Clough, Jeff Symms (head master) and Ken Perryman.

Fortuitously,as it turns out, we can offer help in return as the school is starting up a woodworking shop.  We will look forward to students visiting us and we can visit the school as several of us older guys have spent our lives working with wood and metal. This could be a wonderful relationship for us all. 

Such lucky recipients of the gambling industry

Last year we applied for a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund to purchase a new truck for the shed.  Ours was so old it seemed like it ran on steam, and it did not seem like it would brake, when required, before too long.  However, we revived the request this year and “low and behold” we got the grant.  Meaghan Scanlon who is our state representative come to the shed for a BBQ with a very large cheque. She is a lovely lady and she spent some time getting to know us.  Consequently, our president was off to the Mitsubishi dealership to order our new truck.  Sure, it cost a little more than last year and they are harder to get at the moment but come July you will see us on the road looking very cool.

A very successful project  it made everyone happy

Why go to a Men's Shed

It's a place where men can share their skills and knowledge with others, learn new skills or redevelop old skills. Good health is based on many factors including feeling good about yourself, being productive and valuable to your community, connecting to friends and maintaining an active body and an active mind. Becoming a member of the Nerang Men’s Shed provides a safe and busy environment where you can find many of these things. Also, importantly, there's no pressure. Men can just come and have a chat and a cuppa if that's all they’re looking for.

Our objectives are to.....

(i) Socialise in the company of like-minded men.

(ii) Pursue hobbies, pastimes and interests.

(iii) Learn new skills, practice and pass on your skills.

(iv) Promote your own, and other men’s, health and well-being.

(v) By their efforts, benefit The Shed and their community.

   Email:           nerangmensshed@gmail.com

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Membership is  open to all men aged 18+

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We do specilised comecial work

We do specilised comecial work

We have some top equipment.  This is for making Dovetail joints

We have some top equipment. This is for making Dovetail joints

Opening hours:

Monday 6:30 to 12:00 Noon - Tuesday we are closed
Wednesday 6:30 to 12:00 Noon - Thursday we are closed

Friday and Saturday : 7.30am - 12.00pm - Sunday Closed

MORNING TEA (a must every day)

MORNING TEA (a must every day)


We have a large woodwork shed that includes many of the machines found in today’s modern workshops.

It is a workshop safety rule that there must be two people at least present when any power tools are in use.

There is a large stockroom of small hand held tools, along with an assortment of screws and nails for your use.

Table saw

Spindle bobbin sander

Table router (spindle moulder)

hand held plunge routers x 2

Composite drop saw x 2

Wood lathe x 2

Thicknesser/Planer/Joiner (Small) 

Thicknesser (Large) 


Bandsaw x 3

Our new Makita drop saw due mostly due to the generosity of Bunnings

Our new Makita drop saw due mostly due to the generosity of Bunnings


Not only do we have a woodwork shop, but we also have a small metal workshop as well.

There are qualified trades people to assist you with the correct, safe usage of the machinery. They will also assist you with your special project if help is required.

Naturally, we need to be with you initially to make sure that you can handle the equipment and that you are safe.

In that regard, there must be two people in the shed at any time machinery or welding equipment is being used.

These are some of the machines available:

 Metal Lathe with a full range of accessories

 Milling machine and vertical drill

 Bench drills, Bench grinders & Hand Held Angle Grinders

 MIG, TIG, ARC, & Oxy Acetylene Welders,

 Plasma Cutter

 Air Compressors

our band saw can cut planks with almost no waste


METAL LATHE with a range of accessories