Steel toed boots, eyeware and earmuffs are to be worn when using machinery. Even though some safety glasses and earmuffs are available, members are encouraged to purchase their own.

Equipment & Safety

3. Cleaning up the wood chips and sawdust after each morning is becoming a big issue. Please clean up all the machines you have used before you go.


4. It has been noticed that some members are quite rough with the machines and are breaking blades etc, by asking the machines to do things they are not designed for, particularly the bandsaws. It is obvious that the members involved do not know how to operate them properly (although they think they do). PLEASE ASK .

Please seek assistance even if you are sure you are right, because there will be a time when you are not.


Safety is of primary importance for the mens shed

Safety is of primary importance for the mens shed


1. You will notice that the shed looks quite different lately. A new Thicknesser, a drum sander, a new air compressor with drop-down air pipes and a sandblaster have been added to our range, paid for by grants and installed by members (mainly Graham). The workbenches have been rearranged to allow more people to be able to have access to bench space. It is coming together well. Graham has been organising a lot of the newer work, so say thanks next time you are in the Shed. If you haven't looked in the small tool room lately, do it now! Graham and his crew have turned it from a mess to a properly organised, labelled room of tools that make finding the right tool much easier. Congrats to all who helped.

2. The reading library has been reorganised and shelves labelled. If you bring a book back - please leave them on the bench and it will be put away for you. We have tried to put books into categories and the same authors together where possible. Please try and keep it tidy. New shelves now house a great range of DVD's. The deal is the same, use them, don't abuse them, and return them as soon as you have finished.

Emblaser A3 Laser Cutter/Engraver

The new laser machine is now ready for small jobs of engraving on timber. Members who wish to use this machine are required to go to the website, read the safety requirements and watch the program tutorials first. On your own computer, or the club large computer in the lounge, please do all the tutorials from #1 onwards. (The computer running the machine does not have sound and you cannot hear the tutorials.)


We now have an Emblaser 1 and an Emblaser 2

Please note that the guy running the tutorial does speak and move the cursor very fast and you may need to watch the lesson a couple of times. Take plenty of notes. The site to call up on Google search is Darkly Labs/Support Find the site then look for the Emblaser1 tutorials and click on that section. (It will not hurt to look at some of the Emblaser2 tutorials as well, although the Emblaser1 will not do all that the Emblaser2 will do. e.g. the 1 will only cut through 3mm whereas the 2 will cut through 6mm. 1 only has a 4 Watt laser where the 2 has a 10 Watt laser. In laser terms, a huge cost and performance difference.) We will be restricting use of the machine to pine timber for engraving and 3mm ply for cutting until people get used to the program and machine.

Photographs engraved on timber will only be allowed when time permits as they take a long time, longer than the shed is open. Small photos should be ok soon. There is some scrap timber to practice on for now, but if you want to keep a piece of work, please supply your own timber.


Please read the Safety Rules pinned to the walls at each door before entering. You will notice when you come that the little room has Red & Green lights on each door. Red means that the laser is operating and you cannot come in unless you are wearing laser specific safety glasses. We have 5 sets of these for use by members. They are very expensive, so please don't remove them from the room. These are for your eye protection and they cut out a specific band of laser light. Ordinary dark sun glasses are NOT SUITABLE Please Note: The plastic lid we have on the machine is not laser specific and is for dust protection only. The Green light means that you can come in - but it will pay to knock first in case someone has forgotten to turn on or change the light. For those that wish to learn to operate the Laser lessons and practice can be arranged .... See Doug or Greg for more detail.


We have a large woodwork shed that includes many of the machines found in today’s modern workshops. It is a workshop safety rule that there must be two people at least present when any power tools are in use.

There is a large stockroom of small hand held tools, along with an assortment of screws and nails for your use.

We have a Table saw, Spindle bobbin sander, Table router (spindle moulder) plus hand held plunge routers x 2 Composite drop saw x 2 table saw, two Wood lathes Thicknesser/Planer/Joiner (Small) Thicknesser (Large) 

We have just bought this little beautie

We have just bought this little beautie


 There are qualified trades people to assist you with the correct, safe usage of the machinery. They will also assist you with your special project if help is required. Naturally, we need to be with you initially to make sure that you can handle the equipment and that you are safe. In that regard, there must be two people in the shed at any time machinery or welding equipment is being used.

These are some of the machines available: Lathe with a full range of accessories.  Milling machine and vertical drill Bench drills, Bench grinders & Hand Held Angle Grinders MIG, TIG, ARC, & Oxy Acetylene Welders, Plasma Cutter Air Compressors and a sand blaster.

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