Prop we built for the Spotlight Theater 

ROSE the guys at the shed were asked to help out with the set for the musical "Gypsy” This is just the sort of projects we love to get. We built it in two pieces which slotted together with wheels for easy movement across the stage.

Just a small job but what an amazing result

A proud grandmother brought in a broken rocking horse.  Her son many years ago used it so much it broke.  Its significance was special, so she hung on to it.  Now her son has a child of his own.  The men’s shed proudly restored it and here is the result.

Project for Mudgeeraba Showgrounds

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Memorial bench

The shed was commissioned to build a park bench. As you can see it is somewhat unusual but that was because the person the bench memorialised was a Lego lover. So, the criteria for the bench was that it spoke of Lego

Other work we have done to keep horses in
Other work we have done to keep horses in
and they open too
and they open too
should you throw this away
should you throw this away
Never it can be repaired and sold on
Never it can be repaired and sold on

Trophy’s for Clubs

The Ladies’ soccer club at Mudgeeraba was one of the clubs we made trophies for Also we have done small paddles for the Dragon Boat racers

Chess sets are popular

Chess sets are a popular number. We made two sets for a suicide prevention drop-in centre, since then we have made about 6 other sets some finished some still in production.

Community Lapidary and Silversmithing Club Inc had a problem

Community Lapidary and Silversmithing Club Inc had a problem. To teach the craft they needed tables to work from. Not just any tables but ones designed for the job. Could they get them in Australia, it appeared not. Could they buy them from overseas, of course they could but who could afford that? This is where the Nerang Men’s Shed steps in. After consultation and material modification, we had all eight of them up and ready to transport to Community Lapidary and Silversmithing Club. The shed made a little money the Community Lapidary and Silversmithing Club saved a lot of money, and we all got a blast to see them trailered out of the place down to Mudgeeraba.

The committee could not get a raffle barrel to suit their needs so they came to us. It was a challenge, but I think we met it and Mudgeeraba Showgrounds were more than please with the results

Some work by a past member Geoff